Let’s collaborate!

We would be delighted to host a workshop at your school, university, co-living project, co-working space, eco village, conference, agency, and festival.

We offer the following Workshop formats:

• We bring our empowering ‘How To Be A Changemaker’ Workshop to your team, staff and community • We host a Screening followed by an interactive Reflection Session • We host or co-host a Session tailored to your specific intention. See below for focus options. • We do Presentations • We join Panel Discussions


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We are happy to share a workshop that will leave you inspired. Due to the high diversity of topics that we told through the eyes of activists, artists, educators, entrepreneurs & social workers in the film, we can design a workshop specifically for your intended purpose: education, ecology, economy, new work, art as therapy, creativity and spirituality. Whatever you feel is needed to be brought to attention, we engage the participants to get in touch with the side of them, that wants to take change now. We can help you promote your event.