Transmodernity is a philosophical concept. An umbrella term that describes the ongoing societal transformation processes of today and connotes emerging socio-cultural, economic, political and philosophical shift. It is more wide, deep and radical than what dominant economists and politicians call globalization and suggest inherent connection between diverse movements, fields of study and dreams dedicated to inner and outer transformation.

Transmodernity is the leap into the new level of human consciousness, that creates new forms of economic and social and ecological relations between all the living beings. Transmodernity acknowledges the interconnectivity and interdependency of everything. Transmodernity is about acknowledging that we are all complicit in shaping the system around it and taking responsibility and action to change it. However small or big your impact is, it matters.

For us, it is a term that can be replaced by many and only serves to help indicate that we are all pulling on the same string, no matter which field of transformation you are dedicated to.

Transmodernity is Now.

The essay that got everything going

An introduction to Transmodernity